In the days that followed, intentionally or unintentionally, I began to alienate him, ignore his concern, turn a deaf ear to what he said, and suddenly everyone was living in dire Straits, for my unreasonable, for his helplessness. I am running away, running away from his inquiring eyes, running away from his intoxicating tenderness. I am afraid that I will be unable to extricate myself as soon as I fall in love with him. If I fall in love with him, there is a huge gap between two people. How can I overcome it? Two people seem to be getting farther and farther away, but in the end he began to hide from me, all day can not see the figure, Gan Niang only shook her head, but I am still unrelenting, kept reminding myself, do not hand over your heart, water under the bridge! I want to go back to modern times. I will go back one day! But why do I feel sad when I see his worried eyes? I feel heartache when I see that he is unhappy and has lost his former elegance. I will lose when I see that he does not take care of me as before? Knowing that I am the culprit of all this, I can't do anything, and the balance in my heart is wavering. This day, this should be as quiet as usual, but found the yard outside as a ring, I went out to see,Sex Enhancement Powder, is the third brother, a Guang, and a few strong men in the village, seems to be doing something. The third brother turned his back to me, and when Ah Guang saw me with sharp eyes, he said happily, "You're here!"! Now you're going to treat us well. We've been torturing us for days for this thing! "What thing?" I exclaimed that it was related to me! "It's a swing!"! A San said he wanted to help you set up a swing. We all said it was childish, but he insisted on doing it! Don't help, let him a green hand and don't know when to do,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, afraid that when the school children can't see the gentleman! A Guang teased me that his eyes were still staring at the third brother who was working hard from time to time. When the third brother heard our conversation, he turned his head and saw me with a brilliant smile. "Lady, wait a little longer. The swing will be ready soon!" He was kind enough to appease me. I was stunned, why? Why does he still want to be like a person who has nothing to do, as if the cold war has never existed these days, as if my indifference has not worked, he still wants to please me as always. Swing, that day I just casually said, he actually remembered in mind! The uneasiness and contradiction in my heart made me unable to think, watching him helplessly, but unable to say a soft word of comfort, and afraid of hurting him, I had to run away. Now, turning a deaf ear is the only thing to do! Find him a thousand times in the crowd. Gentleness is something that can bite people's hearts and bones, I am afraid that I will indulge in it, afraid that I can't help throwing myself into his arms, D BHB Factory ,S Adenosyl Methionine, so I can only escape quickly, warning myself not to start, nor to start! But why is my heart so uncomfortable? "Joe!"! Joe! It was the voice of the third brother, and he began to call my name when he was nervous. I ignored him and ran straight ahead, as if there were great scourges behind me. Why would he want to catch up? Don't you know that he is the one I avoid? I didn't know where to go for a moment, and how could my feet be stronger than him? So he stopped not far away and leaned against the tree trunk to breathe. Sure enough, I just rested and he arrived at the heel! "Joe!"! Why do you ignore me? He stopped in front of me and trapped me between the tree trunk and him with his broad embrace. His tall body had a strong sense of oppression, and his face was full of puzzlement. I lowered my eyes and paddled the lawn with my feet, just not wanting to see his attractive eyes. So he cupped my chin in his warm palm and said in a deep voice, "Joe, look at me!"! Whatever happens, don't run from me! You promised me. Are you the one who breaks your promise so easily? Somehow, I felt that he was angry, although it was the same expression, the same tone, but it implied a deterrent that people could not ignore, as if he would not stop until he got the answer. I looked at him steadily and saw that he had no intention of giving up getting to the bottom of the matter. He sighed, "Third brother, why did you force me?"? I'm afraid of you, I'm really afraid of you. Hearing me say this, he trembled all over, as if he could not accept the answer. His hand on my shoulder suddenly tightened, and then he asked, "Afraid of me?"? Why? What did I do to make you feel that way? "Third brother, I'm not from China. Don't you know that?" "What's there?"? The folkway of the Celestial Empire is open, and there have always been examples of intermarriage with other races. Is that why you have been so uncomfortable for so long? It really shouldn't be! He laughed at my naivety. No, no, I, I don't know what to say. I will leave here one day, so I am afraid that you are too good to me, afraid that my heart falls here, afraid of all this, so it is difficult for me to face you! Speaking of the back, my throat is choked up, if I am given a chance to go back now, I may not hesitate to choose to go back, but what about the future? What should I do when I get used to his gentleness and love his body temperature? This is a dilemma. He thought deeply and said, "Is Aqiao's home far from China?" Seeing me nod, he put his hand on my shoulder, "If you don't want to stay here, then I can go back to your hometown with you!"! Still He said with difficulty, "You already have a lover in your hometown, so you can't accept me?" "There is no such thing!" I denied it eagerly, but in exchange for his proud look, I could not help but regret that I was not strong enough! I can't just go to my hometown! I'm not a man of this age at all. How can you go with me? I can't help shouting. As soon as he heard this, his face changed, and then he covered my mouth. "Joe, just tell me this. Don't tell anyone else, or you won't know how to die!" I rolled my eyes. Of course, I'm not an idiot, and I'm not interested in telling people everywhere that I come from the 21st century. Even if I do,Thyroid Powder Factory, how many people believe it? Why don't you take me to the madhouse? "Do you believe it?" I just want to hear what he has to say. As long as you say it, I believe it. The world is so big that there are all kinds of strange things. Not a special place, how can there be a special you? 。