When the captain saw the box, his heart jumped. Even though he knew what the box was for, courtiers generally had the habit of placing a box in the carriage, in which they usually put a spare set of court clothes and two sets of regular clothes for a rainy day, but he could not help but have a little doubt in his heart-because of the gloomy face of He Shangshu, he dared not make this request. Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at the driver who was sitting on the side of the carriage shaft, and finally fell on his hands holding the whip. His hands were dark yellow and a little black, and there were white scraps in his fingernails that he didn't know what they were. But he felt like crazy that his fingers were long and his joints were round and shaped. He gritted his teeth and asked tentatively, "This brother who drives the carriage?" He Qingshan frowned, in line with his usual calm and serious image, but his face was already heavy enough to drip water. At that moment, he asked impatiently, "Why is there something wrong with the groom who drives the car?" The tone was uneventful, but as soon as the captain heard that the officer had come out, he knew that the adult who had always been rigorous was still very unhappy with the rigorous interrogation of others. When the groom heard him, he winced and raised his head in horror, revealing a pair of muddy eyes and dark yellow skin under the bamboo hat. Big Adult He cried hesitantly, his teeth slightly yellow. Only then did the team leader look at him carefully, and the last bit of doubt in his heart dissipated. He secretly said that he was really crazy before. How could such an obvious common people at the bottom be the high and luxurious prince. The groom was dressed in dusty clothes, and his whole body looked neat, but the details-the white scraps under his fingernails, and the yellow teeth,Theobromine Powder, all showed his ordinary status like countless laborers. The team leader hurriedly smiled at He Qingshan: "Your Excellency, forgive me!"! It's a minor offense! Please go ahead! He Qingshan put down the curtain and said lightly, "Let's go." The groom was still a little confused, perhaps a little afraid, shrank his shoulders before whipping the horse, Liu guard took a bad look at the captain, followed up. Qishun raised an invisible arc at the corners of his mouth-the blessing of a previous life. No one knows better than him the importance of arming and disguising his teeth. Chapter 33 The Situation The grand and majestic city gate of Hua Jing City was far away behind him. Xuan Lan stretched out a small head from the carriage and called softly, "Ah Shun." "Be good and go back first." Qi Shun also relaxed in his heart. "We'll talk about it later." As long as they return to Kyoto, they will not be so passive, and everything that should be returned will be returned sooner or later. Qi Shun drove the carriage to a stop in front of Rong Guogong's mansion. Xuan Lan jumped down from the carriage and bowed back to the carriage: "The kindness of Lord He's help this time is unforgettable to Xuan Lan." The unforgettable meaning is that if you are lucky enough not to die this time, you will surely be presented with splendor and wealth in the future. Let's go. He Shangshu is a sensible man. Qi Shun smiled aside. He Qingshan was indifferent in the carriage, still looking dignified and solemn, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Kava Root Extract, but his slightly narrowed eyes revealed his relaxed and happy mood. Of course he is a sensible man. He was the favorite student of the right prime minister. The right prime minister was a neutral party from the beginning to the end. To change his name, he was called a royalist party. Some time ago, the teacher begged for a skeleton to return to old age. He had called him over to give some advice. His understanding was not low. He naturally knew what Your Majesty meant. So as soon as he saw the two masters at home, he knew what he should do. Guard Liu jumped on the seat of the carriage and drove the carriage to the imperial city. Qishun turned around and gave a token to the gatekeeper of Rongguo Gongfu. The gatekeeper went in and reported it. Qishun also knew that his appearance was not convincing, but somehow there was a precious knot on the side. The entire Kyoto, in addition to the palace, the most can protect their safety is Rong Guogongfu, so there is no doubt that he now do not go to the East Palace, do not go to their own Yi Wang Fu, straight to Rong Guogongfu, outsiders will never know this deep foundation of the family Duke a hundred years accumulated how terrible power. The current Rong Guogong An Jinheng is his own uncle, Xuanlan's own uncle, after the death of the prince, the rise and fall of Rong Guogong's family is all tied to him and Xuanlan. An Jinheng is old enough to know the destiny of heaven. His face has been engraved with the traces of the years, but he does not look old. He looks elegant and handsome. It can be seen that he was also an elegant figure when he was young. At his age, he has been in a high position for a long time, and he is full of the charm of a mature man. Even though he was not as sophisticated as his father, he still knew what was most important at the moment when he heard what his nephew said. So the next day Rong Guogong's wife went to the palace to see An Guifei, bringing a ten-year-old boy with her. Xuan Lan in the palace, he can rest assured. In this world, only under the eyes of Emperor Longping is the safest place. Qi Shun unexpectedly did not follow into the palace, he still has a lot of things to do. The first thing is to integrate the power of the East Palace. Before that, he had to contact his own people, and after making secret signals in several places, Chu Lou appeared quietly in his yard at night. Assemble all twenty-eight of you. It's time to see what you can do. Qi Shun's momentum was calm and steady, which was different from when he went to the border a few months ago. Chu Lou was surprised for a moment, then put away his doubts, they do the dark guard, just obey the order. "The king has put his life in your hands," he said. Yes, Ben Wang, after playing for ten years, he must show the appearance of Wang Ye. The king put his life in your hands-such a sentence, although I do not know what can make the life of a prince threatened, but there is no doubt that, in addition to doubt, such a sentence, such trust, he felt from his heart,Quillaja Saponin, only the loyalty that came like waves and went through fire and water. Subordinates must protect Wang Ye thoroughly! Chu Lou cut down the railway. The next day, Qi Shun asked his men to send a message to Tan Fei, and they made an appointment to meet in a tavern in the downtown area. pioneer-biotech.com