He still cares about his reputation. After all, he is a player who has played in Valencia for so many years. Even if he wants to leave, he hopes to have a good reunion. He doesn't want to be too stiff with the club and end up with a bad name. This is his feeling for Valencia Club. But just because he has feelings for Valencia doesn't mean he has feelings for Chang Sheng. Now he doesn't like Chang Sheng at all. It's just that his professional ethics don't directly conflict with head coach. However, Chang Sheng did not make trouble for him, which is also one of the reasons. Anyway, the two sides were strangely silent about each other, as if they had turned a blind eye to each other. It's weird and it's not normal. So Chang Shengcai wants to solve this problem. He doesn't mind what Mendieta thinks of himself, even if he scolds all his ancestors for eighteen generations in his heart. It's personal, it's personal, it's a working relationship. He didn't want a personal vendetta to affect the working relationship. Because Mendieta is the captain and the core of the team. If the core does not deal with himself, the team will not be able to think well. Judging from the warm-up before the game, Mendieta is still a professional. But Chang Sheng has no idea. He felt that if he didn't talk to Mendieta, he would always have a sword of Damocles in his heart. Three days before the start of the season. Chang Sheng finally took the initiative to find Mendieta. At that time,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, Mendieta had changed his clothes in the dressing room and was ready to leave and drive home. Chang Sheng blocked him at the gate in the dressing room. Got a minute, Gazka? Mendieta looked at Chang Sheng standing in front of him and was silent. I think we should talk about it. Chang Sheng said again. Mendieta finally nodded this time. "Well, where?" "Go to the training ground. This is not the place to talk." Many players in the dressing room are listening to Chang Sheng's words with their ears up. It's really not a good place to talk. Mendieta nodded in agreement. So the two men walked side by side to the training ground. It was a pity for the Valencia players who were eavesdropping behind the door. ※※※ "I know you have a problem with me, Gaizka." Chang Sheng did not start with the weather, which is the old British way. He came straight to the point. Straight to the point. Mendieta obviously did not expect Chang Sheng to be so direct. He's not ready yet. He doesn't know how to answer. Chang Sheng also did not expect to let him answer,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, he continued to speak on his own. But I want to correct you. It's not me who keeps you, it's Lazio. Chang Sheng stared at Mendieta. Mendieta looked at Chang Sheng in surprise. I don't understand why he said that. I think you know that Valencia accepted Lazio's second offer. But why did the transfer deal not come true in the end? It's simple because Lazio have no money at all. They don't have enough money to take you away. Our Valencia is not Lei Feng, it is impossible to send you out for nothing, right? "What is Lei Feng?" Mendieta frowned. One of our Chinese celebrities is famous for helping others, and he likes to help others for free. Do you think we should give you away without transferring a penny? Even if Mendieta wanted to leave again, he couldn't say that. He still hopes that his departure can make a contribution to Valencia Club, and the transfer fee is a contribution. After all, he has a lot of affection for Valencia. So you have to know that it's not my problem that you didn't leave, it's Lazio's problem. Now I have made it clear to you that I hope you will not affect the overall situation because of these personal matters. You are the captain of the team and you should set an example for the whole team. I don't care what you think of me. Gaizka, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, I don't care if you scold my ancestors for eighteen generations in your heart. I just hope you don't bring your personal feelings into your work. We are all adults, so we can't meet the minimum requirements, can we? Chang Sheng finished and stared at Mendieta. Mendieta suddenly felt a kind of pressure. When the young Chinese coach stared at him, he actually felt pressure. It seems that as long as they make unsatisfactory answers, they will suffer the same disaster. But in fact, Mendieta knew it would not be like this, but the feeling was always lingering. He used to have a bad face, but now he can't show it. He considered for a moment and said: "But I think I have reached a bottleneck in my career at Valencia." Chang Sheng thought that your ***ing transfer was the real bottleneck, okay? But he could only think about it in his heart. Words to the mouth is a different look. He can't tell the other side, "I'm a traverser. I know you're stupid when you move to Lazio, so don't go to Lazio!" He spread out his hand and said to Mendieta with particular confidence, "Why?"? Is it because there is no champion? It doesn't matter, I'm here now. Seeing what he said so confidently, Mendieta couldn't help laughing. Seeing Mendieta smiling, Chang Sheng said with a straight face, "What's the matter?"? Don't believe me? Don't believe I can lead this team to the championship? The pressure came back, and Mendieta could not laugh. No, I just think.. "I think I'm a little too arrogant, don't I?" "No, it's.." "Think I'm lying with my eyes open?" Chang Sheng pressed forward, and Mendieta's forehead began to sweat. He was tongue-tied and didn't know what to say. Before, whether it was Pereira. Or Hiddink, or Ranieri, Cooper. Mendieta has worked with many excellent coaches, but he has such an aggressive momentum all over his body. Chang Sheng was the first one he saw. In the end, he had to admit, "Well, I think you're too confident to be true." He thought he would wait until Chang Sheng's angry rebuke, did not expect to hear him say so, Chang Sheng laughed,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, laughed very happy, very happy, happy to some strange. pioneer-biotech.com