He was always calm and merciful, and he knew that he did not remember himself, because he had saved many lives over the centuries, and he would save them when he saw them, but he never took them to heart. She was the only life he held in his arms, except for a little blood fox that followed him. However, he did not care, he thought that God should be so cold and affectionate. But don't want to, ten years ago he went against the sky, for a demon. He saw with his own eyes that he had sealed himself so resolutely, so cold that he had never seen before. He settled down and changed his white clothes. He also stayed with him, only separated from his dwelling by a layer of earth. Just for every day can see admire him, always thought that such a day will always continue, but do not want to meet him. He offered to become an immortal! It was a dream he had been seeking for many years, and it could even be said that it had become a kind of obsession, a kind of obsession that could not be erased and cut off. He said that as long as things were done, he could become an immortal. Therefore, he could even say that he agreed without hesitation. However, he forgot one thing, that is, why he became an immortal, why he became an immortal. Now, I'm afraid it's too late to think of it, but I'm glad I think of it. Because That was the only time he spoke to him. He remembered that day, the sky was very blue,Heme Iron Polypeptide, and the white clouds were very obvious. Perhaps bored, he turned to him hiding behind the tree and said, "Do you envy the whiteness of the floating clouds?"? He nodded, full of anticipation. In fact, what he envied was not the floating clouds, but the color of his clothes. "If you want to," he said with a slight smile, "then try to become an immortal. He worked so hard for so long. Used for a lifetime. Looking back, I found that the floating clouds of that day were no longer there,L Methylfolate Factory, and the people of that day had already gone away. Only he stayed where he was. Lonely, hopeless.. A cold smile sounded from behind, "You are really leisurely." Green Sheng smiled, did not look back, finally came ah. You can't hide from what should come. Evil beast! The golden light flashed by, the body of the green Sheng fell soft, the lake rippled layer by layer, leaving only a giant green snake on the shore. Bixin slowly bent over to pick up the petals that had fallen to the ground, with a faint cold light in her eyes, and said lightly, "What a wayward child." He gathered up his things, hugged his knees and sat against the flowers and trees, looking up at the darkening sky. Finally still used, although it is to save people, but it is still against the oath, the corner of the eye swept the sleeve has not been exposed to the hands, and then a wise doctor, Glucono Delta Lactone ,Thyroid Powder Factory, after all, can cure others, can not cure themselves. He had long calculated that he had a robbery, which he could not escape, could not avoid, and could not calculate concretely. But only know that the robbery is a death robbery. Raise your lips and chuckle, death plunder, people in the world, demons all hope to become gods, and gods are just so so. Therefore, I had to ask Weiyun to be drunk, so I wanted to let the baby who had been spoiled for so many years grow up quickly. Today, in the cave to see her, really happy, his baby grew up. Maybe being forced to grow up will be very painful and cruel. But in this way, she could live well without him in the future, at least, he expected. It may be selfish, but he has no other choice. The ten years of leisurely life stolen by enduring humiliation and bearing heavy burdens were finally broken by his momentary intolerance. Now that he has used magic, those high gods should already know about it, but I'm afraid they're already on their way. Ten years ago, he gambled on godhood and sealed himself. Ten years later, he gambled on himself and forced himself to use magic. He was a born gambler, but this time he was afraid that he would lose. The air around him fluctuated slightly. He glanced at it and said with a smile, "You're back so soon." Then he realized something was wrong and turned to look at it for a few seconds. What's going on here? It was indeed Lvsheng who came back, but it was only a spirit body, slightly transparent with a faint light. There was no blood on the white clothes stained with blood, and the white clothes were still as white as snow. He did not seem to hear his words, a shallow smile, childish and simple, a smile belonging to a teenager. I didn't catch those women. Bixin frowned. "That's not what I asked." Green Sheng smiled exquisitely, "I just set up a fantasy in their room, in fact, they never went out of the door.". He smiled and looked at him, and his eyes were full of white flowers blown by the wind. Because of this, those officers and soldiers will not be able to catch many people, and people will disappear without seeing them. You Bixin is a little angry, he broke his oath for him, causing a lot of trouble, he actually did not know how to cherish. Green Sheng stepped back and shouted, "Don't talk, listen to me, listen to me.." The stars in his eyes slipped and disappeared into the air, leaving no trace. I want to be an immortal, I want to be an immortal. You know what? I've already grown up. Do you know how long I've worked for this goal? There was a little lament in his voice. "But now there's nothing, nothing." I just want to become an immortal, but I want to be able to stand side by side with you, to look down on the world of mortals, to catch up with that floating cloud. But, why, you are gone, the cloud is gone! Why didn't anyone tell me? Why did you leave it where it was! Why I just don't want to be alone anymore. I just want to find someone to accompany me. Why are you so heartless. Why Do you think my request is too much? Why are you doing this to me. Bi Xin bit her lip and looked at the more and more transparent spirit body. He knew that someone had been following him for so many years, but he never really paid attention to it because it was not important. But never know, all the disasters are because of their own this is not important to start. Ruthless? He doesn't know that God has no feelings. But,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, "Are you controlled by people? Why are you looking for dignitaries to pick flowers? What do you want and what do you want to do?"? And who did this to you? He had so many questions that he reached out and grabbed them, and the transparent spirit body turned into stars in his hands, leaving only his last light smile. You are so heartless.. pioneer-biotech.com